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2022 Duwamish Waterway Tides – NOAA

2021 Duwamish Fishing Net Schedule: Sandy Smith found this Link to the 2021 fishing schedules – Specifically, see Pages 37-38. It appears that fishing can start Week 38 (wb 8/29/2021), and can extend thru Week 50 (wb 12/5/2021), and nets can be in place Sunday thru Friday. There are no times specified, so it appears that Saturday is the only day of the week the waterway is clear. It also appears that the schedule can be changed if all parties agree. You can also check with the Fisheries Hotline 800-347-4669.

Squamish Tribal Fishing and Hunting Website, with good information and an interactive map of fishing areas.

USGS Duwamish River Data, Tukwila Golf Course

USGS Duwamish River Data, East Marginal Way Bridge

NOAA Seattle Tide Predictions

NOAA Puget Sound Current Predictions

Duwamish River History:

Duwamish meanders: A river ran through it, by The Burke Museum

Duwamish-Green Watershed, HistoryLink.org Essay 20272

Desimone Family History