DYC Cruises 2018

Our DYC summer cruises have been a great time of making new friends, time with old friends, swapping stories, and great food. 

Winner of the ugliest category. (the suit) 

Cruise #3 – Port Orchard Commodore’s Steak Fry picturesOn September 14th – 16th our last club cruise of the season was a FUNtastic end of our cruising season with 20 slips filled.  Unfortunately the nets were out on the Duwa and deterred a few of our boats.

DYC’s 1st Cruise of 2018 was a fantastic start for the summer season at Arabella’s Landing we had all 10 slips filled plus 4 additional member boats anchored in the bay and a few members came without their boats for a total of 36 DYC persons! Check out the fun Gig Harbor Cruise  video. And here are the Gig Harbor Cruise pictures.

We had 25 slips filled for a total of 55 DYC crew at our 2nd Cruise at Port of Poulsbo. The theme was Hawaii complete with Hawaiian Leis, tiki bar, Kahlua pork, kiddie boat races, doggie pool, and even Kevin’s famous smoked breakfast Spam. Tegan and Logan won for best Hawaiian dress   You gotta check out the aerial video of our 1st DYC Dingy Ball Run with Leroy, Dave & Erin Simkus, Scott Witherow & Gabriel Wheeler, Kevin Wilson, Michelle Wheeler & Peggy Sue, and our 6’diameter super-duper beach ball, Wilson. Dave & Erin won with time of control. Port of Poulsbo pictures.